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Components for differential

Max Gear is in the Automotive market, providing products of high quality to OEM’s, Tier 1 suppliers and supporting local & international spare part demands.

In order to service the OEM Market, Max Gear produces a variety of parts under the clients’ specifications on gray and nodular cast, in both Shell Molding and Cold box processes, in raw state or machined and ready to be used.

Max Gear also produces items for a diversity of segments that use forged or coiled parts in hot-drawn, in raw state or machined, meeting the most diverse applications.

In order to supply both the local and international spare parts markets, Max Gear relies on a comprehensive product line with over 1,000 items such as: complete and empty planetary gears, gear sets, washer sets, axle shaft, pinion gear and spider gear, fork shifts, several maintenance kits as well as several components for gearboxes.

With a logistic process designed to quickly meet the client’s need, the level of order fulfillment is a difference maker at Max Gear, as proved by the market surveys.

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