Max Gear | A força da transmissão

Components for differential

With high quality products, MAX GEAR operates in the automotive segment serving automakers, systemists and national and international spare parts market.

To meet the OEM market, it produces diversified parts under customer specifications in gray and nodular cast iron, in Shell Molding and Cold Box processes, rough or machined and ready to use.

MAX GEAR also produces items for the most diverse segments that use forged or re-stressed hot-rolled or machined parts, serving the most diverse applications.

To supply the domestic and international spare parts market, MAX GEAR has a complete line of products with more than 1000 items such as: complete and empty satellites, gear assemblies, washers, axle assemblies, support boxes, solar gears, planetary pinions, crowns and pinions, shift forks, various maintenance kits as well as various gearbox components.

With a logistical process designed to quickly meet customer needs. The level of order fulfillment is a differential of MAX GEAR, as evidenced by the market research.

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